SOME people think
the Pick Bag is expensive.

Here are some of the facts
why it is
very cost effective.

1. Country of Origin

EVERYTHING, from the packaging to the product itself is produced locally in Bavaria Germany at one of the BEST but also most expensive manufacturers.

2. Materials

Pure ORGANIC RUBBER is very expensive. One could use much cheaper materials like silicone or other thermoplastic elastomers (TPU, TPE), but you will never reach the performance level of RUBBER.
All the other materials I have tested were found to be MORE slippery when wet.
The only choice there is, if you want PERFECTION as a professional player, is rubber.
Incidentally this is also the reason our car tyres are made of vulcanized rubber, there is nothing else that comes close to the GRIP and longevity.

3. Manufacturing

People think the Pick Bag just falls off a conveyor belt ready to ship.
It does not.
Producing the Pick Bag is a very difficult and time consuming process because of it's wall thickness among other aspects. EVERY single Pick Bag is deburred by hand, as it is not possible to do this with a machine due to the structure of the product. Every Pick Bag is CLEANED by HAND to ensure you get a perfect product that will give excellent performance.

4. Cost effectiveness

ONE Pick Bag lasts for approximately 10 guitar Picks due to its easily TRANSFERRABLE DESIGN - this represents a cost of only 38 cents per guitar pick used. So YOU are getting a top quality product manufactured under strict ETHICAL conditions with NO 3rd world exploitation at a very reasonable price.

5. In conclusion you have

A HUMAN hand holding a pick, producing a PERFECT sound in combination with maximum GRIP. Only pure organic rubber can give you that. Thus giving YOU the player the freedom to use any pick of your choice knowing that it will NEVER SLIP in your fingers. TRY the Pick Bag for yourself and see how EASILY your playing can be transformed !

Thank you for your interest in my products.
I wish you all the very best with your guitar playing.
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The Pick Bag
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