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The Pick Bag
Patented Innovation.

My DEAR FRIEND, you need to KNOW THIS…

The Pick Bag 1986 I hit the road for my first WORLD TOUR with the Barbara Dennerlein trio. In these days I realized that I have a BIG problem.

While playing, my PICKING HAND starts to SWEAT a little bit. With this condition of my picking hand I lost CONTROL AND GRIP.

It was very difficult for me to perform with CONFIDENCE and EASE.
So I started to think about what could be done to the pick?

It is very important for me to use the pick of MY CHOICE and not a model that maybe delivers more grip by design. To use the pick of your choice
is the most IMPORTANT THING.

The Pick Bag No player will sacrifice TONE for GRIP ABILITY. After trying some minor modifications, like drilling holes into my pick, I really understood that there is only one solution.

I had to modify the surface for MAXIMUM GRIP ABILITY without changing the PLAYING FEEL, still have the freedom to use any pick I eventually like.
I found the SOLUTION to the Problem.

The »PICK BAG« was born.

The Pick Bag • relaxed playing
• the pick stays where it should
• beautiful feel
• faster picking
• fits most picks on the market today
• makes your beloved pick non-slip
• easy to remove and reusable

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The Pick Bag After figuring out how to change the surface I started to think about what is the BEST MATERIAL on this planet, which material delivers MAXIMUM GRIP ABILITY?

In the 3-year development process I hired an Engineer and we started to search for the BEST MATERIAL to create the »PICK BAG«, a material with special WET GRIP characteristics.

We TESTED hundreds and hundreds TPE's, TPU's and every Thermoplastic Elastomer we could get our hands on.

Finally we created our own ALL NATURAL ORGANIC RUBBER COMPOUND with UNSURPASSED WET GRIP characteristics to give you a »PICK BAG« which not only solves any CONTROL inconsistencies but also gives you an extraordinary SMOOTH playing EXPERIENCE.

The Pick Bag The »PICK BAG« gives the player the ABILITY to MODIFY THE SURFACE of his chosen pick for MAXIMUM GRIP ABILITY combined with a BEAUTIFUL FEEL and PERFECT CONTROL in any imaginable playing situation.

your pick, stick your »PICK BAG« on and you are DONE. Now you are FREE to play ANY VENUE with unbelievable control and MASTER any situation you may be confronted with, NO MATTER WHAT.

what would it FEEL like… No more SLIPPERY PICKS, they ARE HISTORY. The only thing you have to CARE for

You won't find the »Pick Bag«
anywhere else.
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The Pick Bag
The Pick Bag All Rights Reserved
Patent by Christopher Widmoser

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